North Palm Beach


It’s hard to believe the city being seen today was once inhabited because it was covered with mangrove trees, swamps and farming land. John D MacArthur saw the potential in the region before any activity was being carried out in the region. He envisioned a city built under the majestic Florida sun. This seemed like something that couldn’t be done but the man believed in the power of his dreams. He purchased 2600 acres of land in 1954 and slow by slow he built it into what is being today. The city has been existence for a few years but it has experienced phenomenal growth. It has well-manicure lawns, property facing water bodies and warm temperature throughout the year.

The highs and lows of development

The city experienced massive economic growth slowly by slowly becoming a force to reckon with. It acquired the title “the best city to live under the sun”. The growth in the region came with a price. The architecture had to change to accommodate the increased population. Buildings in the past had large spaces with natural ventilation. Some of the methods used in production also affected the environment. This led to an increase in temperature making it uninhabitable especially when the spaces were not air conditioned.

Why you should be careful with AC service firms?

The increase in use of air conditioners especially in North Palm Beach has led to mushrooming of air conditioning companies who want a piece of the pie because they have discovered this is a lucrative business where they can make a lot of money. Air conditioners have become an important part of residents and tourists alike. Many of these companies provide sub-standard services and products which backfires on the customers when they use a lot of money in repair costs and monthly electricity bills. You can count on North Palm Beach AC Expert to cater to all your air conditioning needs at an affordable price and fast response times. We have no hidden costs but instead reveal all costs upfront. Look no further we have all services under one roof.

Who we are?

We understand air conditioners aren’t a luxury but a necessity in North Palm Beach. The happiness of our customers is at our core and we endeavor to serve them to the best of our ability. We provide timely and affordable services to ensure they enjoy their time indoors when they want to keep cool even during the scorching summer heat. We don’t have hidden fees and all our technicians are professionally trained and have prior experience working with different types of air conditioners.

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  • Improvement of indoor air quality.
  • Installing air purifiers.
  • Fixing all condenser issues.
  • Fixing all refrigerator leaks.
  • Laying of the duct

And more.

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